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So What is boomerang tang?

Boomerang tang is a series of 80's Video game/Chip tune musical NFT, written By tim Lewin

6,442 tracks that each have their own musical traits.

the tracks are made from fifty named and crafted origin tracks.
17  traits, which include a range of effects and processes
and sounds inspired by Chip tune, 8bit and
classic video game music.

Each trait effect, waveform, Mixing techniques and sound pallets
have a number or name assigned  to
their application in the individual track,
making some rare, some unique and others more common
(and some very strange).

The project has taken 12 months to complete and implicate"the tang trait method", as well as drawing the art and of course crafting and Mix 6,442 individual tracks by hand.

The team assembled under the title of Boomerang Tang made this vision possible, carrying out everything that was out of the technological or logistical know how of Tim, making the vision theirs too.

"we all wanted it to be about the music" - Boomerang Tang Team

Road Map

Level 1

The 31st of October Is our Minting day.

You'll be able to mint one of the NFT's at

Happy hunting.

Level 1

we will begin "Tims Tips"

This will be a series of videos
and interactions on discord,
where you can ask questions
about the tracks, the project and
tims musical process.

Construction will also begin on our own NFT marketplace, for future sales.

We will also donate 100 Xbox's
to the uk based charity
'get well gamers'.

'get well gamers' is a charity who make it their
mission to get gaming consoles
into children's wards throughout
Great Britain.

Level 2

We will start work on an app.
The App will enable you to make your own8-bit inspired music.

Also start construction of "boomerang tang land"
this will be a structure in sandbox meta-verse for everyone to visit, interact and see Tim's music assets

Level 3

you all would have invested a fair amount into boomerang tang and  continuing
Tim’s NFT adventure.

And we all thank you.

Tim wants to use  "emulated" Commodore 64's sounds that are responsible for that iconic
musical genre.

We will be releasing a
new collection called,
"Sid Chip Tang" .
These will be released on our own marketplace.

Consisting of 1,632 new NFTs,
using the sounds that were heard throughout bedrooms of the 80's.

"These will come in handy"

Level 4

100% of the tracks are sold

Tim will also release  10 origin, "super mega ultra rare', mixed
and mastered tracks.Ten tracks, available via
discord giveaway competition.

these will give you the ability to potentially make 96 NFT tracks
just like Tim,

You will also get a live one to one tutorial on the  "tang trait method" from Tim himself, plus receive a free Mix-craft Project file of your track and plugins.In order to enter,

you must hold both NFT's from the first and the second collections,


What is BoomerangTang NFT collection:

The first collection of 6442 crafted NFT tunes where the traits are integrated into the music. There will be an initial release of 4,800 tunes, then a further 1,632  tunes and 10 exclusive tracks.

What is the  Tang Trait Method:

The method that we use to extract traits from the 6,442 musical tunes

What is a major effect and a minor effect:

These are what Tim calls the sound palette, where the base effects are mixed into and including the minor effects

What is a trait waveform effect:

The type of waveforms used in the tunes e.g. Squares, Twin Chords, Train Lazers.

Where do I purchase a boomerang tang NFT:

Boomerang-tang  NFT collection will be available  on Xmart the link below.

Will I need both collection's to enter the draw to win one of ten mixed and mastered origin tunes:

Yes you will be required to own an NFT from the first and second collection.

Where and how will the draw take place:

The draw will be held on discord, on the purchase  of a Sid chip tang NFT you will be granted access to the tang owner’s  channel where the draw will take place, you must click the boomerang to take part this window will stay open for 7 days then the draw will commence.  
winners will be announced within 24 hours.

The Team

Although Tim is "The guy" who created  all of the music and art up for grabs, He required some assistance in achieving his dream for the project.
Luckily for him, he knew of a few crypto minded individual who had the "know-how".

So, a crack team of nerds was assembled together to assist Tim in making his dream. a reality.

Tim- "The Musician"

Tim - The Musician

Tim is the Musician and the founder of boomerang tang. He learnt how to make music on his computer at a young age. He homed his craft in Glasshouse College, a school for teenagers with autism in Birmingham/UK.
Since then He moved up to north wales where he met the rest of the team members.

He came up with the idea for all the “track traits” and the use of different effects to make up the humungous amount of tracks we have for sale.

He isn’t an A.I. (well at lease we think),  He has painstakingly assembled his work by himself Using his "Tang Traits Method" and many more exiting Ideas to bring to the project,

now he’s exited to see what will come of things.

John- "TheBrains"

Jon - the brains

John is the mastermind behind the project.
He has had his fingers in many Crypto Pies since the early days, and is the business head and financier
of the project.

From a background of engineering and technology, He spends his semi-retirement tinkering in his workshop, 3D printing bits and bobs and inventing the odd gadget or two.

On the weekends he likes long walks on the beach and  tending to his  monster of a mining rig.

Matt-"The Tech"

Matt - the Tech

Matt is the geeky one.
He's the one who's in charge of the website development, writing and other things.

He's spent a large portion of the project staring at html, building this site and working out the logic problems that you come across when you take on a task as big as this.

aside from seeing everything in code he makes his own electronic music and loves plays with his menagerie of musical equipment.

Ian-"The Artist"

Ian - the artist

Ian is responsible for the imagery you see on the website and is in charge  of the  visual and artistic choices throughout boomerang tangs online presence.

He has a keen eye for detail, is a dab hand with a camera as both photographer and videographer, and recently threw himself into the world of digital art.

when he's not behind the lens, he is a busy family man and loves his real time strategy games.